About Orthopaedic Specialty Group, P.C.

Compassion, dedication, and comprehensive musculoskeletal care have made Orthopaedic Specialty Group the largest and most experienced orthopaedic practice in Southern Connecticut. Our physicians’ wide range of expertise provides complete care in all areas of treatment including advanced surgical and nonsurgical techniques, pain management and rehabilitation.

Simply put, we can fix virtually every bone and joint in your body. Quickly and safely. Leadership, innovation, and our influence on the medical community has long been our trademark, especially when it concerns the well-being of our patients. We provide a level of care comparable to that found only in major academic institutions. For the past 60 years, our goal has been to promote an active, healthy lifestyle through the use of advanced medical and surgical technology as well as the most innovative treatments and programs. We understand that each day we have the opportunity to make a positive impact in our patients’ lives, when they usually need it most. That’s why we’re proud that our physicians have completed advanced training in their chosen specialty to ensure our patients receive outstanding care, from initial diagnosis to complete rehabilitation.

We provide exceptional knowledge, dedication, and results.

Some of our most experienced specialists have devoted their time and expertise to helping young medical professionals become outstanding healers through their leadership roles in national orthopaedic organizations.  With their guidance, we have become a practice dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in knowledge, ethics and results.  Through their compassion and understanding of our patients’ needs, our specialists help provide people in need with the best orthopaedic care available.  Anywhere.

Our Specialties