Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Patients who require comprehensive evaluations and conservative, nonsurgical
treatment of their pain will benefit greatly from Orthopaedic Specialty Group’s Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Center. The field of physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R), otherwise known as physiatry, focuses on maximizing function and enabling people to live life as fully as possible. Physiatrists will see people with conditions related a variety of issues – including pain from the spine or musculoskeletal system, neuromuscular conditions, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, and amputations. Specialists will investigate the cause of any functional impairment, starting with a thorough evaluation and recommending further testing (e.g., imaging, lab tests, electrodiagnostic testing) as needed. Both members of our PM&R center can perform electrodiagnostic testing (EMG). Physiatrists will also work with patients to manage pain using therapy, lifestyle recommendations, medications, assistive devices, braces, prosthetics, and injections. If a surgical or pain management referral becomes necessary, our physicians will work closely with your orthopaedic surgeon, neurosurgeon or pain management physician to provide integrated care that reduces pain and maximizes a return to functional mobility.

Our physical medicine and rehabilitation center is equipped to manage all orthopaedic conditions and is staffed with licensed professionals to provide the highest quality of patient care. Our rehabilitation center is conveniently located within our offices to enable continuity of care.