Changing Lives Through Knee Replacements: Dr. Driesman’s Mission Trip to Panama

Posted on October 4th, 2023 by Orthopaedic Specialty Group

Last November, Dr. Adam Driesman traveled down to Panama City to assist with 26 knee replacements. Dozens of individuals traveled from the United States to Hospital Santo Tomas, providing free care and medical supplies to individuals in need. It was the goal of this team to restore health and mobility to every patient we cared for. 

Below are his thoughts on the experience: 

“In Panama, while we were treating patients in dire need of care, we had to perform medicine with vastly limited supplies. Everything we brought was donated, requiring resourcefulness and creativity from the entire care team. And it’s our care team that surprised me the most—the cohesiveness, the dedication, and the openness to attack all the challenges was truly eye-opening. I was happy to participate in seeing the gratitude on these patients’ faces.

Some of these people have been waiting for years to receive their operations. Their excitement to begin their next chapter with a new knee was contagious. I was thrilled to help and provide an extra set of hands, whether it was carrying a box of medical supplies, holding a retractor, or providing ambulatory support for patients’ first steps. Operation Walk mission trips are a life-changing experience.”

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