Hip Preservation Specialists in Fairfield

Our physicians now offer a hip preservation service, catering to the young, active patients with hip(groin) pathology. We utilize the latest techniques and advances to treat a broad spectrum of hip pain. We stress a multimodality conservative approach, from employing a specialized rehabilitation/chiropractic program to increase core strength and rebalance the muscular forces in and around the pelvic girdle to implementing a variety of injections and biologic treatments to deal with strains/sprains/tears. Hip arthroscopy is available to repair labral pathology and to reshape the ball and socket(FAI surgery) to reestablish normal joint forces, with the intended goal of maximizing the opportunity in preventing or slowing down the onset of hip arthritis.

If your hip has developed arthritis and you have failed other conservative modalities, then we have surgeons to offer you hip resurfacing replacements, and total hip replacements done through an anterior approach and/or as an outpatient procedure.

We aim to offer you the most innovative ways to decrease your hip pain and to maximize your hip function. Ultimately, to assist you in your goal to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. Without hip pain.

Meet Our Hip Preservation Surgeons:

Henry Backe, MD: Hip resurfacing, outpatient THA
Patrick Kwok, MD: Hip arthroscopy, FAI surgery, peritrochanteric surgery, athletic pubalgia
Dan Weiland, MD: Hip arthroscopy, FAI surgery, peritrochanteric surgery, athletic pubalgia, anterior approach outpatient THA
Cullen Griffith, MD: Periacetabular osteotomy surgery; open FAI surgery

Services Offered by the Hip Preservation Specialists:

These Include:
  • Injections- cortisone, viscosupplementation
  • Biologic treatments- platelet-rich plasma, stem cells
  • Arthroscopy-labral repairs/FAI surgery/cartilage restoration
  • Resurfacing replacements
  • Outpatient total joint replacements
  • Anterior approach joint replacements
  • Pelvic osteotomy for hip dysplasia