The Benefits of Water Aerobics

Posted on June 15th, 2018 by Orthopaedic Specialty Group

If you are looking for a workout that can burn calories, strengthen your muscles, all while being easy on your joints — water aerobics is it! No matter what your age, a good water workout is an enjoyable and safe way to get your summer cardio in without breaking a sweat. If you are considering moving your low impact routine from land to water, here are just some of the benefits you’ll get with the change: 

A Good Low Impact Excercise

If you suffer from arthritis or have been advised to stay away from high impact workouts— you might want to consider trying out a water aerobics class. Water-based exercises can relieve pain in your joints and will have less of an impact than a land work out. The buoyancy of the water and the fact that our body is subject to less gravity while in water, helps lessen the has implications while still giving you a great workout!

More Comfort

If the summer heat is making the idea of a workout less and less desirable — why not add some water? You can build muscle, and get some pain relief, too. Water movement can have a massaging effect on your skin, and as you put resistance against the water, your stiffness and soreness can be significantly decreased. Whether it’s your back or joints, water is an excellent form of pain management without the need to break a sweat.

Burns Calories and Builds Strength

Though it might not feel as intense as a run or jog, you are still getting your body moving from head to toe — burning calories and gaining strength. With the ease of movement in the water — you can push yourself more than a land workout, and you can also see an improvement in blood circulation, too. 


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