5 Tips for Bath Safety

Posted on January 19th, 2021 by Orthopaedic Specialty Group

Keep tub time fun by making sure there are no hazards to be worried about. January is National Bath Safety Month to encourage everyone to be more aware of the potential dangers in and around your tub. According to reports, more than 43,000 children are injured due to slips and falls in the bathtub each year in the United States, making bath time more dangerous than you may have thought. Take some time to make sure you’re doing your part to make the bathroom a safe space for you and your children.

Avoid accidents and injury with these helpful bath safety tips:

Stay With Your Children

Accidents can happen in an instant, and young children can drown in just 2 inches of water, so never leave children unattended. As well, never leave water in the bathtub unless it’s in use. It’s always best to play it safe and keep an eye on your children during bath time.

Prevent Slips

Slips and falls are common in the bathroom and can lead to serious injury. Set up a slip-resistant mat that can suction to the floor of your tub as well as a rug on the outside. These additions will help you maintain balance and prevent slips. As well, consider installing grab bars to help children or yourself get up out of the bathtub more easily.

Check the Temperature

Always wait till the tub is filled to your desired height before putting your child in the water, as the temperature can change as it fills and always check that the water isn’t too hot. Try setting your water heater to deliver no water that is hotter than 120 degrees Fahrenheit to lower the risk of burns.

Beware of Sharp Edges

Faucets, knobs, and more objects near the bathtub can be sharp and cause injury. Utilize rubber coverings that can protect any edges or points in and around your bathtub. You’ll also want to make sure that if you have glass doors for your tub, that they are shatterproof.

Don’t Overfill The Tub

There’s no need to overfill the tub up to their necks for small toddlers who are adjusting to bath time and learning to sit up. The water level being up to your child’s belly button is more than enough; this way, if they reach for a toy or tip over, there’s less of a worry of accidentally submerging.

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