Common Orthopedic Myths, Debunked!

Posted on September 28th, 2018 by Orthopaedic Specialty Group

In all fields of medicine, there are plenty of misconceptions — and orthopedics is no different. So we’re here to debunk three of the most common orthopedic myths, read on!

Myth 1: Young People Do Not Require Total Joint Replacements

There is no particular age classification to determine a total joint replacement. The decision is based on the pain experienced by the patient and their level of disability. The younger the patient, the higher the chances of a replacement or revision need of the prosthetic in future. However, with the technology advancement over the recent years, replacement parts have better longevity and are viable to use with young patients.

Waiting for too long before having a joint replaced could be a hindrance to the recovery process. Patients who have severe arthritis need not suffer excruciating pain regardless of their age. Delay will only decrease mobility and your quality of life.

Myth 2: Knuckle Cracking Causes Arthritis

From various studies, cracking your knuckles does not increase the risk for arthritis. The pop sound is simply a result of nitrogen bubbles bursting inside fluid that helps in lubricating your joints.

Movement of ligaments can also cause the popping sound. By stretching or bending our fingers backward, you pull your bones apart, creating negative pressure on them. All this being said, cracking your knuckles may cause reduced grip strength. If any pain comes along with cracking knuckles, you should see a doctor. Pain is not, in any way, associated with cracking knuckles, so it should be checked!

Myth 3: Arthroscopic Surgery is Very Invasive and Translates to a Lengthy Hospital Stay

Over the years, arthroscopic surgery has tremendously advanced. Years ago, patients could have had a ten day stay in the hospital after undergoing surgery. Currently, many patients can leave the hospital just a few hours after their surgery, with some resuming regular activities, such as school and work, within a few days. Athletes can usually return to their sport within weeks of their surgery, as long as they are well-monitored by their physician.

For more information on arthroscopic surgery, read our Arthroscopic Surgery FAQs blog!

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