What You Need To Know About Flat Feet

Posted on July 9th, 2018 by Orthopaedic Specialty Group

The song “Head Shoulder Knees & Toes” might seem like a familiar children’s song, but it’s also a great indicator of how your skeleton system is connected. For instance: foot issues, if not corrected, can eventually lead to knee issues as well. From head to toe —  one pain can lead to the next if you neglect proper care. One of the most commonly ignored pains comes from the very bottom — your feet with flat or fallen arches.

Because pain and discomfort can often take awhile to form, many flat-footed people ignore the symptoms until they are causing pain in other areas.

So How Do You Know if You Have Flat Feet?

The Symptoms to Look For:

Flat feet (also called Pes Planus or fallen arches) can happen gradually, and start off painless, making it hard to recognize or treat. Though flat feet can be typical in children, it’s something that they will often grow out of in time.

As we age, arches can fall due to years of wear and tear. Some signs are foot pain with increase activity which can often lead to back pain. Without treatment, pain can also occur in your:

    • Knees
    • Hips
    • Backs
  • Ankles

Popular Causes:

Your flatting feet could be genetic, but another underlying condition can also be to blame. From obesity to high blood pressure, to diabetes — there are many risk factor leading to your fallen arches.

How to Diagnose:

Through your stance and your walk, and a proper foot exam, most fallen arches can be diagnosed. If you notice pain in the feet that does not improve with supportive well-fitted shoes, or your shoes are often being worn off at the sides, you’ll want to consult a doctor.

Treatment Options:

With a simple shoe adjustment, your symptoms could be an easy fix, but for others, a fitted insole or orthotic can alleviate the pain. Your doctor can work to create a custom fit for you that will relieve pressure and can help prevent further issues. If your weight is a primary factor – a weight loss plan might help as well.

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