How Dancing Can Improve Your Health

Posted on September 17th, 2020 by Orthopaedic Specialty Group

September 19th is National Dance Day; the perfect excuse to get up out of your seat and dance around to your favorite song! Dancing is an excellent form of exercise that anyone can do and enjoy. The health benefits are endless and should be enough of a reason to convince you to get out of your seat today and have some fun.

Here are some ways that dance can help improve your health:


Dance is just a fun way to exercise! The physical benefits of dancing are similar to the benefits of other cardio exercises and activities:

  • Improved heart health – Dance gets your heart pumping and is a great activity for those at risk for cardiovascular disease.
  • Better strength and balance – No other form of exercise incorporates as many movements on all planes of motion and in all directions making it a full-body workout and improving your balance, coordination, and build muscle and strength.
  • Lose weight – Dance can be just as helpful for losing weight as other exercises such as cycling or jogging.

Dancing can be an excellent exercise for individuals with chronic health issues or limited mobility. The vast styles and diversity of dance make this exercise an ideal choice for anyone looking to do cardio, especially individuals with arthritis. Consult with your doctor before joining any classes to make sure you know your limitations.


The benefits of dancing are more than just physical; your mental health will thank you as well:

  • Challenges your brain – Any dancer will tell you it requires a good memory and coordination to remember all the steps and movements when doing a routine. Learning and performing steps to a dance can be a great exercise for your mind.
  • Boosts cognitive performance – Dance has been shown to improve your ability to think clearly and critically and help with mental tasks such as planning and organizing. 

You’ll probably notice that your rhythm is improving too!


If the physical and mental benefits haven’t sold you yet, the emotional ones sure will: 

  • Boosts your mood – If you’re stressed, suffer from depression, or are in a sad mood, dancing can help you feel happy, boost your self-esteem, freely express yourself, and just let loose.
  • Inclusivity – Dancing is for everyone! If you can move, even just parts of your upper body, then you can dance. The fact that just about anyone can dance is what makes it such a popular exercise.
  • Can be a social activity – Dancing on your own is great, but if you need some company, others can dance with you! Take a group class, call up some friends, play some music with your family, and have fun!

What are you waiting for? Play some of your favorite music and start dancing!

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