How to Avoid Knee Pain While Running

Posted on July 30th, 2020 by Orthopaedic Specialty Group

Running is an excellent and convenient form of exercise enjoyed by many. But one of the most common places to experience injury or pain due to running is in the knees. Ensuring your knees are protected while running is pivotal if you want to maintain your healthy and active lifestyle year after year.

Changing your form can help minimize knee pain while running:

Don’t Over-Stride

You don’t want your feet to get ahead of you while running because your heel will strike the ground and send the intense impact into your knees. Learn to let your feet land beneath you rather than in front of you.

Don’t Lift Your Knees

When you lift your knees, which is often only advice given to quick sprinters, it makes it easier for your body to land on your heels and sends that impact into your knees. Keep your knees low, to the ground when you make those strides and slightly bent when you land.

Lean Forward

Leaning your entire body forward while you run is another technique to help you avoid landing on your heels. Remember not to land with your foot in front of you as you take each stride.

Aim Your Feet

Always make sure your feet are pointed in the same direction that you’re running. Aiming your feet ensures that your knees and legs don’t twist as they bend and land. While it can be tough to change the direction and style that your legs move naturally while running, the benefits are well worth it.

Don’t Rely on Cushioned Shoes

Fixing a problem when it comes to running, it is better to fix the actual problem than relying on a product like sneakers to help completely. Some cushioned shoes can help, but many can also contribute to worse knee pain. Fixing your running form will go a much longer way.

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