How to Stay Productive While Working From Home

Posted on December 22nd, 2020 by Orthopaedic Specialty Group

How are you doing with work-from-home life? If you’re having trouble staying focused and productive, you’re not alone. Luckily, if you take some time to optimize your schedules and workspace, you’ll notice improvements in your productivity in no time.

These tips are here to help you stay focused and productive while working from home:

Designate a Workspace

The most crucial thing you can do is designate a particular area of your home as your workspace. Having a separate spot dedicated to working, and only work will help you maintain a focused workspace. A home office is ideal, but if you don’t have an office room, find any open space in your home that is comfortable and away from distractions.

Personalize Your Environment

While work can get out of control, you can control your environment. Personalize your area so it’s a space you can feel relaxed in, with scented candles, photos, plants, and any other items that add positivity and will be good for your emotional well-being. 

Be Sure You Have The Supplies You Need

Gather all the supplies and items you need to do your job effectively and that you would typically have with you at the office. These items may include pens, notebooks, file bins, schedules, and more.  

Take Frequent Breaks and Get Fresh Air Outside

Fresh air does the body good! Don’t forget to stretch your legs, get moving, and step away from your desk several times throughout the day to help keep your mind clear and focused, and your body healthy.

Create And Stick to a Morning Routine

Like you would if you were going to the office, create a morning routine to follow that will help you feel awake and ready for your workday. This may consist of a shower, making coffee, cooking breakfast, exercising, and more.  

Keep to Your Regular Hours

Though it’s tempting to start your workday later while at home, it’s best to stick to your regular hours and have a daily routine. Build this routine, and don’t stray from your work schedule for optimal focus.  

Tune Out Distractions

First, make sure everyone else in your home knows you’re busy at work! Second, mute and minimize any electronic devices that will remove your focus from the task at hand. Lastly, learn what works best for you in helping you stay focused. Try listening to music, turn on a fan for white noise, and keeping doors and windows closed.

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