Knee Pain Do’s and Don’ts

Posted on September 7th, 2017 by Orthopaedic Specialty Group

As the largest joint in your body, your knee is under almost constant stress. Whether you’re picking something up off the ground or running a marathon, you rely on your knees for a lot. That’s why it’s no surprise that most people will experience some sort of knee pain in their life. But luckily, while knee pain is relatively common, so are the many ways you can treat it. Find relief from your knee pain by following these simple “do’s” and “don’ts” of recovery.

Knee Pain Do's and Don'ts | Pain Management Fairfield


  • Exercise a bit. Moving around will help circulate blood to your knee and encourage healing. But because exercising too much or too often can damage your knee more, it’s best to follow an exercise routine by a trained professional or physical therapist.
  • Think “RICE.” Rest, ice, compression, and elevation (also known as “RICE”) is a simple acronym that will help you while on your way to recovery.
  • Use a walking aid. A crutch, scooter, or knee brace can really take the pressure off of your knee and help you to get around easier.
  • Get expert advice. The best way to get well quickly and prevent any further damage is to seek professional help the minute you experience an injury.


  • Rest too much. After surgery or a major trauma, it’s always best to give yourself time to rest and heal. But once you’re in the recovery phase, resting your leg too much will stiffen it and make it difficult to walk.
  • Risk falling. Pushing yourself to do too much too soon could result in a fall or injury. To prevent a fall, make sure your home is well lit, the floors are clear, and things you need are easily accessible.
  • Ignore your weight. Losing weight can help you reduce the amount of pressure and stress on your knee.
  • Wear uncomfortable shoes. Post knee injury isn’t the time to break in your new shoes or spend the night in your favorite heels. Comfortable sneakers with a cushioned sole are the best option for people recovering from almost any knee or leg injury.

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