Top 5 Outdoor Activities for Strengthening Your Bones and Joints This Summer

Posted on July 17th, 2023 by Orthopaedic Specialty Group

How to Maintain Strong Bones and Joints This Summer

Summer is the perfect time of year to enjoy the beautiful weather outside! Whether it’s walking, running, hiking, or swimming, there is no shortage of outdoor activities to engage in. However, if you are someone who needs to improve the health of your bones and joints, or you’re looking to better manage your arthritis this summer, it’s important to choose activities that help strengthen your body. 

Below, the Orthopaedic Specialty Group team looks at the top five outdoor activities for strengthening your bones and joints this summer:

1. Walking

Walking is a great low-impact activity that can help improve your bone density and joint health. Using your muscles to move your body weight stimulates your bone cells to increase production, leading to stronger bones. Walking also helps improve joint flexibility and reduce joint stiffness. To make the most of your walk, try to walk on uneven terrain, such as hills or trails, to challenge your balance and build stronger bones.

2. Hiking

Hiking involves walking on trails, hills, or mountains and is an excellent way to build bone density and joint strength. Since you carry weight on your back, hiking also helps build lower body strength and improves your balance. Hiking also keeps your joints flexible and reduces the risk of developing osteoarthritis. If you’re new to hiking, start with easy trails and work your way up to more challenging hikes.

3. Swimming

Swimming is a great low-impact activity that is easy on your joints. Since swimming is weightless, it helps reduce the stress on your joints, making it a great activity for people with joint pain or arthritis. Swimming also improves cardiovascular health and helps build muscle, supporting your bones. If you’re not a strong swimmer, start with simple strokes, such as the breaststroke or freestyle, and work your way up to more challenging strokes.

4. Cycling

Cycling is excellent for building bone density, especially in your lower body. When you pedal, you put pressure on your bones, stimulating your bone cells to produce more tissue. Cycling also helps improve your joint mobility and reduces joint pain and stiffness. If you’re new to cycling, start with flat terrain and work up to more challenging rides.

5. Yoga

Yoga involves stretching, bending, and holding poses, making it an excellent activity for building bone density and joint strength. Yoga also helps improve your balance and reduces the risk of falls, which can lead to fractures. The various poses in yoga also help improve posture, reducing the risk of lower back pain. If you’re new to yoga, start with simple poses and work your way up to more challenging ones.

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