Protecting Your Hands From Arthritis

Posted on October 30th, 2021 by Orthopaedic Specialty Group

Arthritis is a common condition characterized by inflammation of the joints. Any joints in your body can be inflamed, but the hands are one of the most common. Those who struggle with arthritis experience pain, swelling, stiffness, and a limited range of motion in their joints.

Joint inflammation often progresses as you age, but there are various things you can do to protect your hands and minimize your chances of arthritis with these simple lifestyle changes:

Exercise Your Hands

A few times a day, stop what you are doing and move your hands in a way that helps them stretch and stay healthy. Try opening and closing your hand to make fists and then stretch your fingers as far as they can go, and then repeat this motion 15 to 20 times. 


Especially if you have a job where you’re constantly moving your hands, such as typing or operating machinery, you’re more at risk of developing arthritis in your hands. Taking periodic breaks every day to give your fingers, hands, and wrists a rest can go a long way to protect them from inflammation. 

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Individuals who are overweight are more likely to develop arthritis. Actively maintaining a healthy weight through a balanced diet and physical exercise can help protect and minimize pressure on your joints.  

Quit Smoking

If you currently smoke, speak with a doctor about quitting, and if you don’t currently smoke, don’t start, as it can increase your inflammation levels. As well, be conscious to avoid secondhand smoke when you can.

Wear Compression Gloves

Compression gloves are beneficial to reducing inflammation and promoting healthy blood flow throughout your hands. Wear these periodically if you start to feel chronic stiffness in your hands.  

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