Safety Tips For Colder Weather

Posted on November 13th, 2018 by Orthopaedic Specialty Group

The cold weather is here and thought you might be tempted to bundle up and stay indoors until the warm weather reappears, life must go on. Though snow has already hit Connecticut this week, there is only more of it to come. To ensure you get through the winter-injury free, keep these tips in mind:

Walk, don’t run. Cold weather can lead to a lot of snow and ice, and the most dangerous of them all —  black ice. Slippery and not-so-easy to-see, black ice can be the cause of many preventable injuries. As the temperature continues to drop, watch where you are walking, wear proper shoes, and carefully climb steps and grasp railings when available. The last thing you’ll want this holiday season is to be spending it in the ER.

Dress accordingly. Cold weather can lead to a variety of flare-ups, aches, and pains. To try and keep this down to a minimum — bundle up! Layers are critical this time of year. Keep your feet dry and warm, wear gloves and a warm coat.

Avoid shoveling. If you can, keep winter cleanup to a minimum and be smart about it. Ask for help if you can, invest in a snowblower or hire someone to help, especially if you have past injuries. Shoveling a small path is fine, but avoid clearing the aftermath of a heavy storm. Heavy snow can lead to a strenuous workout and do a number on your body, leaving you stiff and achy for days.

If you do have to shovel, only shovel small loads of snow at a time, listen to your body, and pay attention to your heart rate.

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