Senior and Joint Approved Workouts

Posted on August 27th, 2018 by Orthopaedic Specialty Group

Staying active at any age takes work, but the older we get, the more chance of injury you may have, especially if you don’t prepare. So if you are looking to keep active while keeping your joints in mind, here are five low impact activities to try today:

1. Get On Your Feet

One of the most enjoyable ways to get your body moving is through dance! A low impact dance class can help loosen up your joints, get your daily dose of cardio in, and make you feel like you’re barely working out at all. Just be sure to check with your doctor before participating and let the instructor know ahead of time of any injuries.

2. Stretch It Out

You know that great feeling you get when you stretch your joints and muscles out? Well, why not incorporate it into your workout? Through Yoga and Pilates, you can get a bit of low impact cardio along with an excellent full body stretch. Just be sure you talk to your doctor and let your instructor know of any injuries before class so you can modify any moves if needed.

3. Think Low Impact

Cardio doesn’t just have to be a full force event. If you still enjoy spending your morning at the gyms, try getting your cardio in on an elliptical. The gliding movement is more comfortable on your joints, but you’ll still be able to get your heart rate up to where you want it.

4. Break Out The Swim Cap

If you feel like a fish out of water, embrace it! A water aerobics class or a few laps in the pool is a great way to keep active and while keeping pressure off your joints.

5. Put On Your Walking Shoes

Get out and take a walk around your town! With the right shoes and a good stretch beforehand walking can have a lot of benefits.

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