The Secret to Perfect Posture

Posted on August 30th, 2018 by Orthopaedic Specialty Group

Is it actually possible to have perfect posture especially with the amount of time spent looking at devices and sitting at a computer? Spoiler alert, you absolutely can!

With some small, practical changes, you’ll be steps closer to reaping the long-lasting benefits that better posture brings. So what’s the secret? Read on!

1. Be Aware

We really can’t fix a problem if you don’t recognize there is one. We have to pay attention to how we are standing and sitting. For example, while sitting, pay attention to your shoulders — are they down and pulled back? If you notice you are slouching, remind yourself to sit up.

2. Be Sure Your Work Space Is Appropriate

This is where ergonomics come in. Ergonomics focuses on designing the workplace in a way that promotes productivity and reduces injury. Believe it or not, you can get injured just by sitting incorrectly at your desk! Be sure your chair and desk are at the appropriate height. Also, take notice of your elbows as they should never be above your wrists.

3. Move Around

This is extremely important when sitting for long periods — whether at a desk or while traveling. If our muscles become stiff, we’re more susceptible to injury. When at work, it is so easy to lose track of time and we often don’t realize how long we’ve been sitting in the same position. Pro tip: set a timer on your phone and get up every hour. This is not the time to start your exercise routine or moves from your Zumba class. Instead, take at least five minutes to just get up and stretch.

4. Stand Up Straight

Sounds simple but we don’t always do it. Pay attention to how you are standing. Are your shoulders close to touching your ears? If so, remember to have them down and pulled back. Are your feet slightly apart? Are your knees slightly bent? If not, make it a habit to stand the proper way and your posture will improve.

These tips are the secret to perfect posture. Make them part of your daily routine and your posture will thank you!

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