The Outdoor Activities That Can Strengthen Your Back

Posted on May 31st, 2018 by Orthopaedic Specialty Group

Can you feel it? The nice weather is almost here! More and more, the days are getting warmer and more enjoyable, and it might be leaving you with the ich to enjoy the great outdoors!

To fully take advantage of the summer weather ahead, while keeping your back health in mind — here are 5 activities you can do without the extra pain in the, well, back!

1. Water Workouts

Whether you go for a few laps around your pool or attend a water aerobics class — spending time in the water is a back-friendly activity that can keep you active. Not only is great on your joints, it can even help strengthen your core and back. You’ll still want to confirm with your doctor that it’s safe before diving on in!

2. Bike Rides

If you are looking to add an aerobic workout that’s a bit more gentle on your spine — why not go for a bike ride? It not only puts less stress on the lower back, but the seated position can also be more comfortable for some back pain sufferers. Also be sure to mind your positioning and try to avoid rough or rugged roads!

3. Outdoor Yoga

A good stretch is a great way to start your day! Add a little fresh air to it, and you have the perfect start to your morning. With many variations to fit all health and lifestyles, yoga is a great way to stretch and strengthen your muscles. With summer ahead — many towns even offer an outside option. So if you decide to hit your local park for some yoga, or practice your moves at home — make sure you’re modifying your steps to fit your injury.

4. Go For a Walk

Any little bit of movement is beneficial— and if a jog is just too stressful on your joints, and a run is out of the question, consider a nice, fast-paced walk. With the right walking shoes and the perfect scenic location, you can enjoy the great outdoors while getting your daily dose of cardio in!

5. Start a Garden

Give into your green thumb and start sprucing up your yard! With a little bit of work a day, you can begin to grow a beautiful garden that lets you soak up some sun and get in some movement. Just be sure to pay attention to your body; bend and lift with the knees and use a back brace if needed.

If you are looking for back-approved outdoor activities that can allow you to get the daily aerobics you need, we can help! From chronic pain to acute injuries, Orthopaedic Specialty Group can make all the difference in your recovery and suggest the perfect outdoor activity for you! Contact us to set up an appointment and get the help you need!