Tips For Winter Exercise With Arthritis

Posted on January 31st, 2022 by Orthopaedic Specialty Group

Exercise is important all year round, but for those with arthritis, the winter months can be particularly difficult due to  the icy weather and cold temperatures. Staying active is beneficial for people living  with arthritis to keep their joints mobile and minimize pressure. 

From the team at Orthopaedic Specialty Group, here are five tips for exercising with arthritis during the winter season:

Save Exercise For The Afternoon

Choosing to do your exercise in the afternoon hours of the day means not only optimal sun time but the warmest temperatures too. Arthritic joint pain and stiffness can be worse early in the morning after waking up and in the evening after a long day, making the afternoon  the ideal time for exercise. 

Don’t Forget to Warm Up (And Down)

Warming up your body with some light stretching and movement before starting your exercise can help lessen stress and stiffness for your joints and get your body loose and ready. Just as important, be sure to do a little light walking or stretching post-workout, too, so you can gradually transition your body back into rest.  

Hydration is Always Important

It is common to forget about proper hydration during the winter; however, drinking water is crucial all year round! When you exercise, make sure to refresh and stay hydrated to feel your best and keep your joints lubricated and strong. Not to mention, dehydration can suck away your energy and affect your mood. 

Dress in Layers

Wearing layers is the smartest way to dress for your winter workout; they allow you the flexibility to remove items to keep you feeling the most comfortable. Warmth is important to protect your joints and avoid being cold to start your exercise, but as you heat up, all those layers may be too much and can hold you back.

Consider Your Indoor Exercise Options

If exercising outdoors is too much in the cold or icy weather, switch to indoor workouts! If you have access to a fitness center or gym, enjoy some cardio and strength training exercises. You can also try yoga, hopping on a treadmill, or walking around a shopping mall.

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