Top Ways to Reduce Stress and Stretch Your Joints

Posted on April 16th, 2020 by Orthopaedic Specialty Group

When many think of stress, they often think of the mental toll it can have. But what about the physical symptoms? Though everyone experiences stress throughout life, being exposed to high levels of it can lead to a variety of health issues, both mental and physical. For starters, when stressed, your muscles tense up. Once that stress level decreases, your muscles can relax. So the longer your stress, the longer they are tense. Prolonged periods of tension can lead to shoulder and back pain, headaches, body aches and more.

However, there are many habits you can consider to help reduce your stress levels and reduce your chance of symptoms:

Consider Daily Walks

Though you should still keep your distance, a daily walk is always a great way to stay active and get your heart pumping. Outdoor activities have been known to reduce stress, boost endorphins, and reduce fatigue.

Stretch Each Day

Though many consider stretching as an activity, you do before and after a workout, making it part of your daily routine can help keep your joint flexibles and your muscles loose. It also improves your mood, circulation, and reduces your chance of injury, too. 

Start a New Online Routine

If you were an avid athlete or a regular gym-goer, find the motivation to continue to stay active might be getting more difficult each day. Luckily, several apps and sites are offering free workouts or virtual routines to help reduce the monotony of your routines.

Don’t Forget Your Diet

Focusing on a healthy diet can help reduce inflammation, keep your mood steady, and motivate you more to stay active. Though being home can make it easy to pick, choose light, healthy snacks, and make sure to visit hydrated, too. 

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