Common Problems Caused by Hammer Toe

Posted on February 11th, 2019 by Orthopaedic Specialty Group

Your toes are held straight by muscles and ligaments that also allow you to bend and move them at will. When these muscles and ligaments do not form correctly, a condition called hammer toes may present itself. Hammer toe specifically involves a severe bend in the toe at the middle joint, creating a hammer shape.

A number of things could result in hammer toe forming, including birth defects, disease, trauma to the toe, and poorly fitting footwear.

Problems from Hammer Toe

If left untreated, hammer toe can lead to a few complications. While in the beginning, the toe itself may remain flexible enough to avoid discomfort, it’s common that the tendons and ligaments stiffen and contract leading to discomfort and pain throughout the day. Additionally, it can be extremely hard to find shoes that fit comfortably.

Complications from Hammer Toe Surgery

Hammer toe surgery can actually have great success in resolving the issues associated with it. Complications and problems can occur,hey include the following:

-Swelling and pain is an obvious side effect of any surgery and considering this one does involve cutting skin, tendons, and ligaments, there can be pain during recovery.

-Generally, there will be some scarring where the surgery was performed, but this should be minimal.

-With any type of surgery, there can be a risk of infection. This can generally be treated with antibiotics.

-If the surgery is not performed correctly, the deformity could return. We recommend only choosing a surgeon with a history of quality work to avoid this.

-Floating toe can be another complication, and this results in a toe that doesn’t sit properly on the ground. We urge out patients to wear properly fitting shoes and to avoid high heels during recovery to avoid this.

Hammer toe, when left untreated, can be painful and difficult to manage. Surgery can be a good option to take away these issues, At Orthopaedic Specialty Group, we offer a wide variety of treatments to help our patients deal with a variety of conditions. Contact us today to schedule your appointment (203) 337-2600!