Top Winter Injuries And How to Avoid Them

Posted on January 25th, 2019 by Orthopaedic Specialty Group

As winter season is upon us, we all get excited to head to the mountains to ski, snowboard, and sledding. Whether it’s your first time in the snow or you’re a season veteran, we would like to remind you of the most common winter injuries and how to prevent them.

Most Common Injuries:

• Falling on ice and snow

• Accidents while playing winter sports and activities

Slipping and falling on ice can be a terrifying experience. During both day and night, a pool of water can actually be a sheet of ice. Stepping into the slippery ice patch can cause a severe injury, should you happen to fall on the ground. According to the CDC older Americans or more inclined to injury should they happen to fall and slip on the ice.

Common types of injuries are the following:

• Concussions

• Ankle strains and twist

• Broken bones

• Back Injuries

Prevention is the key when walking on icy and snowy conditions:

• Wear proper footwear

• Avoid long steps and keep a steady short stride

• Try not to run outdoors… slow things down

• Having sand or de-icer handy when things become slippery around the house

• Always have your cell phone hand in case of an emergency

Winter sporting activities are also common for injuries if you aren’t practicing safety.

Types of winter injuries include:

• Head injuries

• Shoulder injuries

• Back injuries

• Neck injuries

• Knee joint pain

• Ankle sprains

• Wrist sprains

• Hip fracture

During the winter we urged to practice safety with the following prevention tips:

• Salt driveways, sidewalks, and stairs on a regular basis

• Provide seniors and children support while walking across parking lots

• Stretch before performing any strenuous physical exercise

• Wear protective gear (i.e. helmet, pads, shoes) during winter sports

• Supervise children playing outdoors in the snow

• Stay well-hydrated and take frequent brakes

• Participating in outdoor activity is encouraged with a buddy in case of an emergency

Enjoy this winter with family and friends, while practicing safety with the aforementioned tips.

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