Summer Water Safety Tips

Posted on June 30th, 2022 by Orthopaedic Specialty Group

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to cool off! Swimming is one of the best parts of summer, whether it’s at the beach, your backyard pool, or a nearby lake. However, swimming can also be a dangerous activity if you’re not being careful and practicing water safety. 

This summer, make sure you’re doing your part to protect yourself and others while in or around water:

Never Swim Alone

One of the best tips to always follow when it comes to water safety is to never swim alone. Even strong swimmers can benefit from someone looking out for them in case of an accident. In public places, always swim where a lifeguard is on duty. 

Make Sure Kids Are Always Supervised

You may want to sit and relax around the pool, but it’s essential to always be alert when there are kids in the water. Even if the child is an experienced swimmer, supervision is still encouraged in case of an incident. 

Wear Life Vests When Needed

When enjoying activities on the open ocean or deep water, children and adults that need it should always wear life jackets. Other floatation devices such as floaties, kick boards, and water wings shouldn’t be substituted for children and inexperienced swimmers and should only be used with supervision. 

Look For Lifeguards

When at a public pool, the beach, or lakeside, always know where the lifeguards are before you head into the water. There will also likely be designated swimming areas so the lifeguards can see you well; be sure to always stay in these supervised sections. 

Stay Away From Pool Drains

Pool drains can be faulty and covers can break loose, making them a serious hazard to those that aren’t careful. Bathing suits and hair can get in drains, leading to serious injury and even drowning. Always check to know where they are and teach others to keep their distance from them. 

Learn CPR

Practicing safe swim habits is great, but accidents do happen. Learning how to perform CPR can be a lifesaving skill; you never know how important it is until it’s too late. The American Red Cross offers classes and online tools to help learn and get certified in CPR.  

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