3 Women Trailblazers in Orthopaedics

Posted on March 15th, 2023 by Orthopaedic Specialty Group

Pioneering Women in Orthopaedics

Orthopaedics is an area of medicine that men have typically dominated; however, several female trailblazers have made significant contributions to the field. 

This blog post sheds light on three women who have paved the way for more gender diversity in this important medical specialty. Through their hard work and dedication, these trailblazers have inspired other women to pursue a career in orthopaedics and break down barriers along the way. Get to know these women making a lasting impact: 

Dr. Ruth Jackson

Dr. Ruth Jackson is a respected and renowned orthopaedic surgeon who is a true trailblazer in her field. She has broken barriers as the first African American female to become board certified in the specialty of orthopaedic surgery and was also elected president of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. Dr. Jackson has made great strides for diversity by working to reduce gender disparities at medical institutions and has mentored countless young physicians, especially women interested in pursuing a career in Orthopaedics. She is an inspiration for many, showing that with dedication and hard work, anything is possible!

Dr. Jacquelin Perry

Dr. Jacquelin Perry is a renowned surgeon, educator, and innovator in Orthopaedics. She has pioneered research related to orthopaedic surgery for over four decades and is widely recognized for her efforts to improve patient care through advanced techniques and treatments. Dr. Perry has contributed greatly to the field of orthopaedics, developing new ways of performing complex surgical procedures with excellent results. She has inspired countless young female surgeons to pursue a medical career, and her legacy will live on in the generations of Orthopaedic Surgeons she has helped train and develop.

Dr. Claudia Thomas

Dr. Claudia Thomas is a pioneer in Orthopaedics and a true leader in her profession. She was the first African American to become a full professor at Howard University Medical School and paved the way for more female representation in the medical field. Dr. Thomas has received numerous accolades for her work, including being named one of America’s Top Doctors by Castle-Connolly and named one of “America’s Best Black Doctors” by Ebony Magazine. She has made many important contributions to Orthopaedics over her long career, setting an example for many young women interested in pursuing this important field of medicine.

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